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Is it normal to want to experience drugs so badly
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I really feel that i'm missing out on something. I just want to take any drug - try them all if possible. It's really been playing on my mind i've just got to do something. No one seems to see my point of view and i'm not interested in people telling me that it's stupid this just fuels my curiosity. Does anyone else feel like this at all?
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i tried them all,.. stay away from heroin and Oxycontin or any pain meds for that matter.
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Well, I wouldn't suggest trying every drug, but its natural to want to find out what they are all about. Weed is good, shrooms are fun, lsd is fun but you don't want to have a bad trip, coke is ok. I would stay far far away from heroin, crack, meth, and pcp. And whatever you choose to do, be responsible about it please. Don't go overboard, and make sure you don't endanger yourself or anyone else.
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Normal. Like you said, you are curious to try something new. I would recommend Marijuana!!! and just skip all the other drugs. Take care! ^_~
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Normal. Everyone likes to experience a little change of reality now and then. I'd recommend you read up on all the drugs you want to try, just to know how to safetly and responsibly take them. Just remember, drugs can be serious business and can really ruin your life if you let them. Just be responsible and remember, everything in moderation. Also, number one advice? Do not inject. Worst idea ever. There is no going back. If your going to take anything in powder, snort or parachute. Good luck!
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If your going to do them,please make sure someone is with u incase u have a bad reaction and can get medical help fast. Trying the harder ones is dumb, u may get hooked or have an OD and die. I know u didn't want to hear it's dumb but it is. Try small natural ones 1st
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okay yes partially true,
medical help most of the time just causes problems

i could see if you're od'ing on heroin of havin a crack attack or what not

but if you're too stoned to walk/talk/eat... just go to sleep man lol its how the best of us started out.

and if you're trippin on acid, DO NOT CALL THE POLICE. you'll be in a rehab by the time you're trips over and you'll have court/medical bills more then ur mortgage.
once again.. just try and go to sleep, and if you cannot. just sit there and wait the trip out. you'll be fine in the end.. unless ur dumb and take like 15 hits. lol
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Just Go out And Smoke Some Fucking Weed, Its The Safest Drug There Is, Theres No Way You Can Die Of An Overdose.. And The Only Side Effects Are:
Feeling Happy,
The Munchies,
An Increased Appreciation For Reggae Music,
Feeling Sleepy... And You Probably Wont Be Able To Shut The F*ck Up :L
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Why Are You Writing Like This?
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I would stick with the natural ones. Like weed and shrooms. No man made ones!!
Bad bad bad
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stick to weed, try cocaine and pills theyre good too, but weed is the beeeeest! do you know whats the worst drug out of them all and will fuck your life? alcohol
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mann i was in the same boat as you once.
just itchin to get the feeling, bored with you're sober life..

take words from people with experience, stick to the naturals. (shrooms, weed, opium, etc.)

Many people beleive opium is soo harmful because of it being the base product in heroin,
however opium is just the "sap"/"tar" from the stem of the poppy plant. when smoked it doesnt even give you a high feeling, all it does is calm you're nerves and relax you.
perfectly safe, if it were dangerous, i would've died after i smoked a quarter[7 grams][more then a weeks worth] with my buddy in one day
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thats jus like another urge beside wanting to have sex n its gettin worse when some1 tells u not to haha,with weed u will laugh 2 hours straight bout nothing n after that u forget to ask urself why u did that
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I also felt a little bit like that before I experienced alcohol and weed,now I do experience that at times,though I do more alcohol,but also weed and I like it,but I'm not an addict,I'm just recreational.
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Weed sucks.
But shrooms is like a whole new world for your brain. I'd choose shrooms over anything, any day.
Just be safe.
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Smoke weed erryday.
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I will break it down for you in the words of some very wise men. "No pills and no powders; if it grows in the ground it should be ok." I would recommend smoking weed, and depending on how well you can handle that maybe try mushrooms. The thing about shrooms is that you have to go into that experience with a positive outlook. Don't go in scared because that could negatively influence your experience. I've done shrooms a few times and had lots of fun while learning deeply about myself. Also, please stay away from heroin, cocaine, pcp, meth and pharmaceuticals because you could die.
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lol i'm afraid most people get this urge at some point.

you might want to try weed.. but it's nothing that special.
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two pieces of advice and this is the best youll get:
1) dont fucking do drugs
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It is normal... But let me inform you that you're not missing out on anything... Everyone feels the need to experience the same things their peers do. The truth is drugs will only harm your well-being. Ask yourself. Should I put my health at risk, to experience a temporary state of euphoria? Should I put my life at risk, and take the chance of running around outside with my clothes off? Do I need the embarrassment? In my personal opinion. What comes from the earth is given to you by God himself. What is created/altered by man can only bring you harm. Take this advice, if you will.
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