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Is it normal to want to give my girl a facial?
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For some reason I have always wanted to give a girl a sperm facial. I just think it is so hot to shoot your load on a chicks face. I'm actually generally aroused by oral sex and handies. In fact I mostly just masturbate to bj/hj porn. My wife seldom gives me oral and when she does its real quick. I want to finish on her so badly I hope one day she will let me. I don't know I just like cum going on noses foreheads lips and especially on top of girls heads.. idk?
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Very normal
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very normal. it's very sexy. don't ask though. if she wont give you oral she wont take a load to the face. just pull out last second and do it. then judge her reaction.
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dude dont ask your wife it a spur of the moment type just spunk on her face then depending on her reaction laugh and tell her you love or run like fuck
either way need satisfyed.
what i do is do the doggie then trick them by pulling out and spitting on their back then when they turn around BAM!!! HAHA get them every time lol
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