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Is it normal to want to have sex with your wife while she I asleep
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Well I work late so when I get home at night my wife is asleep. So I try/ have sex with her and wake her up or I cum on her face while she sleeps . .... Is that normal
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Comments (5)
i do this all the time.. not because i get in late though.. sometimes i do it after sex,when she fals asleep.. i feel her pussy and her ass,and then i rub my cock against her face til i cum on her.. i leave it on her face,.. she has never said anything about it .. :)
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haha as long as she doesnt mind waking up with a face full of spoof, then go for it!
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I wouldn't want to wake up with cum on my face (though it may be good my my skin lol) but one of my fantasies is to be fucked while I'm sleeping--have an orgasm whilst simply attributing it to a dream.
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I some times cum on my wifes ass while shes asleep
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