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Is it normal to want to have your best friend to urself?
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Well I have this best friend named S., and she's really cool, and smart and funny, but sometimes I get really jealous when u see her with one of her other friends. I feel like I want her all to myself and no one else. Is this normal?? Please, no rude comments:)
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You're crazy and should be put in an asylum. I hate you for all you are, you jealous jerk of a devil of a person. Go burn and die. I'm just kidding.
Completely normal, people become possessive over everything, friends are no different.
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^ lol.
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Yeah it totally ok ;)
Comment Hidden (show) was advice...nothing personal :)
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Lol @ wuddeva

Yeah completely normal. I get really possessive and start sulking if I feel that my friends are ignoring me for their other friends. Just a fear of being left out I guess.
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@: eve
I feel the exact same way, whenever my best friend doesn't feel like talking to me but talks to her other friends I get upset and possessive. It might be slightly different for me though because I'm in love her lol
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No that's not normal. That's obsessive.

If you cannot stand her spending time with anyone else, you have issues with insecurity.
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I have a friend like this who is reallllllyyyy posseive of me and its obnoxious because i want other friends other than her but she just wants me to be there 24/7
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I feel incredibly just like you!! I just made a new friend after I moved back to my hometown and I cannot help feeling a bit jealous when I see her chatting excitedly with someone else. I feel like she does not like me anymore, so I decide to keep my distance. It breaks my heart. I am so lonely. But someday I will find a true best friend just like me who I can be really close to and relate with, I suppose. :/
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