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Is it normal to want to loose my virginity to my dad?
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Hey, is it normal to want to have sexual intercourse with father?

The whole story: I am a virgin and I love my father loads and loads and I am at a legal age to have sex and so I thought that the only guy I can truly trust forever is my dad! So using this logic I want to lose my virginity to him so that I remember it and it isn't lost for the sake? Do I make sense? Please say I do because I really want some help!

Thank you! <3
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I read a forum post about this once. The girl explained to her father the reason why he should be the one to do it, and after enough convincing, he finally did it. She said it was the most magical experience she's ever had. But afterwards he left the room, and the next day explained to her that it was only a one time deal, and he still had doubts.

So this has been done before. And I do agree with the logic. If your family is open about things like this, it shouldn't be that big of a deal. It is not common, but its not completely strange either. Just be safe. birth control if you don't want to use a condom, etc.
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Your father must be proud to have a daughter like you.
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It is a very common fantasy especially among teenaged women. I advise against it as it could destroy the father daughter relationship forever.
Also such unions carry more than a 10% chance of birth defects in children and though I am sure you would use protection no birth control is 100%.
I am not trying to be judgmental, but there's more to it than just the feelings you have.
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There are only a few situations In which I would be willing to justify anything like that. 1) there is NO WAY you would find somebody else to lose your virginity to because of impediments you cannot quite overcome. Such as a deadly illness or just being plain ugly like a beaten up bulldog. Or a deformity.
2) Affective issues. Which seems to be your issue.

As weird as it may sound most girls have got a thing for their daddies.
Especially if they happen to be the kind of guys who have a tendency to overpower other males in an attempt to establish dominancy.
Enough said.
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I doubt your dad feels the same way. I think it's not really normal, and I would suggest you find someone else. I'm sure there are plenty of guys you can trust...
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Oh yes, you make so much sense. It's completely normal to lose your virginity to your dad, but what's really disgusting is having sex with him for a second or third time. #sarcasm
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wait a little more, you will get over it.
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Why why why is it me or its just people dont know right from wrong anymore!!! He is your dad<<<<< try to ask your mom that question and tell us how it worked for you.
its not normal at all.
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If you've had a good relationship with your dad your whole life of course he's the one you would trust more than anyone else. But is your mom still in the picture if so you would hurt your mom.
If your mom is not in the picture and get him in the mode and let him know that you were willing if he is.
Good luck
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Your logic makes no sense.
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that;s digusting, you need therapy
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Go for it.
Use protection, and enjoy the ride.
Stupid folks will mention unplanned preg.
Birth defects.
Same "logic" they use on teens.
As if only teens have unplanned preg.
What a joke.
Unless he's gay dad will be glad to tap that.
Just scared to.
Get him to a safe zone and he'll make a woman of you.
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According to Sigmund Freud having a sexual urge towards a parent is fairly normal in young people.But having said that, that does NOT mean its a good idea to have any sort of sexual relation with your father. Their is a big difference between the love of a lover and the love of a parent,and having a sexual relation with your parents changes that to the point of not getting back what you once had.
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I just served on a grand jury that handed down an indictment on 36 counts of rape. It was "consensual" and continued after she turned 18. There was a law about abuse by someone in a position of trust

Anyway, She had a baby by him. What does the child call its father? Granddaddy? Daddygranddaddy? Pa-Pa-Pa? Just too messed up.
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Hey life's short, I say have sex with him if you really want to.

And to anyone who is saying this would be a normal fantasy or its not something that is overly strange, let me just clear everything up...

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if u r so bad girl n no one like u to sex so u r going to ur dad shame
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