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Is it normal to want your soulmate?
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I had a boyfriend who meant the world to me. He told me we were soulmates before he died. Ive had many relationships since and ive felt many things for other people but I cant love them or accept them the way I did him. I feel like every day I wait for my soulmate to come back but he hasnt. It is wrong that im rejecting love because I believe I need to find my soulmate again?
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i'm the same way. i can't find that balance. my "ideal relationship" didn't work out. i don't want to compare everything to that... and i don't want to put the emphasis to much on looks but i can't forget about attraction and... it's tough.
i can't say if it's normal. but i can say i can relate.
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I think its something normal,cuz im in the same situation.True love happens only once in a lifetime and whn it happens u simply know that he's the only one who really diserves ur feelings and none else can take his place,everr!
if in this lifetime is not meant to b(u sud wait and see..have hope and never stop beliving in love) sure that in the next one all the good things will happen.
B optimistic!
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let go of the past, but never forget it
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Sure,it is really normal to find your soulmate in your life, but don't be too pigheaded and only if you ease and open your heart, you can find the soulmate.
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It's cos the dream ended b4 it played out. U lost something that could be fantastic forever like a pedestal so high nothing can beat it. It's a little like ur not over what could of been. I'm so sorry for ur loss
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Absolutely normal. Some day you will find another soulmate, trust me on this. Keep your head high and relax around others and your time will come again. The important thing here is that you know what you are looking for as few others do.
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I found someone I would die for. They made my life perfect and my life was wonderful and exciting every single day they were in it. However one day they moved and I have not been able to feel that happy ever again. They were the perfect person that I had been searching for. It was the person from my dreams but now they are gone forever.
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