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Is it normal to wax girls and males bodies
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My girlfriend has a beauty clinic, she wants me to learn hair removal waxing and work in her clinic.
Is it normal for guy to do job like this?
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A lot of guys post on the internet.
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Why wouldn't it be normal. Waxing isn't a just a female job you need male and females in that profession.
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Enjoy waxing arse cracks!
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Be careful though, if you wax too many hard sexy toned male bodies it might make you turn gay.
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Yes it is normal for a guy to wax pubic areas on somebody else's body. He may even play with the other guys dick whilst he is doing so!
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There was a guy at the salon I used to go to before I moved. He did eyebrows and nails and said that he loved it because he could help his clients feel more confident and beautiful
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Yes karian, already I start do it , happy to have a job, and it's not bad.
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My wife has her pussy waxed and often she is asked if it is OK for a guy to do it. She has no issues with a male doing the waxing so yes go ahead and let him take the job if that is what he wants to do.
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@: jmr2910
Thanks for encouragement jmr2910
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Its a job, you will get over the downsides and soon it will be natural to you and you'll wonder why you didn't snap up the job at first offer. You may even enjoy it and get real good at it.
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