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Is it normal to wear spreader pants?
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Is it normal I wear these spreader pants a lot. When my girlfriend and I wake up, she cuts a whole by the butt hole area and then puts me in it. She then ties a pacifier in my mouth and puts me in this spreader pants (image links below) with a removable butt plug in them. She puts me into the pants with the butt plug up my butt and ties my wrists to the straps behind me so I cannot get out/undo my gag. Then she undoes the gag, force feeds me baby food and infant formula with laxatives in them, then puts the gag back in. Then, she leaves for work and I have to hold in the poop all day. Then she takes me out when she gets home and puts me in a diaper without a hole so I can go poop. Then, she puts me back in the spreader pants, with poop in my diaper still, and no butt plug. Then she has me sit in my high chair where she ties me into it, force feeds me more laxatives with baby food and formula. Then, gags me and leaves me there until we go to bed, where I am put into a diaper, gagged, and my wrists are tied to the top of my bed so I can't get out. This happens everyday pretty much. Is this normal?
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So if your tied up how did you come on the net and ask this.
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Are U Australian or American cause i would like this done to me.
Please reply
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that sounds fun without the but plug
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no way im going there
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I heard of something like this on 1000 ways to die
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MissClaire... What happened on 1000 ways to die? I wanna watch it
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Hey my gIrl friend does the same thing would you like to talk if so text me at 5032069446
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I have a pair of those adult spreader pants. A boyfriend bought them for me and we had great fun. Lying on my back with my legs spread wide wearing a diaper and unable to walk even crawl was an awesome experience. My relationship with that guy didn't last but I've kept the spreader pants and occasionally wear them when I'm at a loose end. And when i meet the right guy I may even introduce them into their delights. Only drawback is that the spreader pants take up a huge space in my closet which should otherwise have shoes and I have no idea how to explain them away if seen!
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