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Is it normal to wet the bed when you go to bed drunk?
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I got drunk at a party and passed out in my friends bed, when I woke up I had wet the bed...and not just a little, it was dripping out of the bottom. Is that normal?
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Well I peed on my carpet in my bedroom when I was drunk.
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happens to people all the time. my former bff peed in a cab on the way home from a bar. yikes.
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I started peeing the bed when drunk at a young age. I drank so much I became an alcoholic. In the last days of my drinking, I peed the bed every time I drank. This was a minor problem compared to all the other problems drinking has caused in my life. Thank God I stopped with the help of AA, because I almost died several times. Good luck!
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Ive partied A LOT, & thats only happened to me one time. It was soo embarrasing!!! I think its bc if you drink too much you go into a really deep sleep & dont wake up to go, combined with the amount of alcohol (liquid) in your bladder..not a good combo!
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Again, the day I piss the bed is the day the drinking would end!!
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this is very normal
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I have a few friends that do this, but I'd say it's definitely not normal. I've been super drunk hundreds of times and have never wet the bed. My girlfriend shits herself sometimes when she gets really drunk, so be thankful you don't have her affliction! One time she got super wasted and I had to hold her hair while she was puking in the toilet, and as she was throwing up, she shit her pants right in front of me. She was incredibly embarassed, but I couldn't stop laughing! Good times
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Yes it's normal. Totally normal. A lot of people actually lose the ability to control bowel movement while drunk. A lot of people. This is especially true if you normally get up in the middle of the night to pee a few times. It may not happen every time you drink, but it's a possibility. That possibility is a lot higher if you don't pee for the hour or two before you pass out. It's sort of like when drinking effects your depth perception and makes you unable to walk right, talk right, or drive right.
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When you are drunk you also tend to loose control of your bodily functions so yes it happens all the time nut good luck getting that smell out
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