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Is it normal to wish that I didn't have a sex drive?
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As a christian, I really wish sometimes that I didn't have any sex drive. If I let my mind wander I catch myself fantasising, or when a pretty woman in tight jeans walks past I have to stop myself from staring at her behind. Thinking about sex all the time just seems pointless and immoral :-/. Any help?
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You're a Christian? Me too!!!!!
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Why God gives us sex drives if we can't have sex before marriage ? These are needs but we have to capture them till the right moment ..
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U need to work out man, it helps
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I know what you mean. Best advice here would be to just try to control yourself.
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I feel the same as you. The only reason we are given urges is to continue our species. If it did not feel good we probably would not do it. I think the reason it says wait is so you do not have a illigetement child and are forced to stay with someone you hate because you have a kid. If you get an abortion which is against most Christian religions as far as I know you are killing the child. You are talking away its chance at life. However they will sometimes die anyways in a still birth or you have to choose between the mother and child since doctors can only save one. We must control our urges. Many issues that come with sex. I think it would be more helpful if we did not have sex and procreated in some other manner. Like some fish do. It is perfectly normal that you want sex. It is normal that you feel this way.
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Try taking Celexa. It is an antidepressant, but it takes away all of your feelings.
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I have heard some people (in many different religions) use self gratification; and in particular if masturbation is a sin, it is a forgivable sin where you can pray to god for forgiveness if you feel guilty after. It's the lesser of two evils, and frankly a safer alternative as well

I also suggest that you may want to keep busy to keep your mind from wandering.
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I hate Christianity. Not necessarily Christians themselves though.
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Dude... Even a christian can think about that... Its 100% normal to think that way...
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Well my advise is that every time you start to think about something immoral pray for God's help that's all the advise I can give there God will lead your mind to different things if you pray to him.
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