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Is it normal to worship Thor the Norse God of Thunder ?
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Just curious to know if anyone worships Thor the Norse God of Thunder as a real religion now in modern times. I read an article about a man that was sent to prison for a violent crime while he was there he claimed to be a Pagan who worships Thor he requested a Vicking helmet, an Ax and Mijnoir (Thor's hammer) pendant to be worn around his neck he was denied for obvious reasons i.e an ax in prison!! Now he wants to sue the prison for not allowing him his right to practice his religion so it got me thinking do people actually worship Thor ?
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I quite like Freya but only because her alternative name is Frigga and that's quite rude here. I like my Gods dirty.
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Thank you for sharing this with us
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Thanks to everyone that commented and you MegaDerp you made me LOL
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All hail Kronos.
Greek gods are much more reasonably than norse ones. Much less slaying of enemies and more offering grapes.
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^wow you guys all have messed up religions.
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Yes there are people who worship the Nordic gods. I know there were a few on my last ship.
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I worship Mr.Potato Head so I think its normal
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Following Norse mythology is typical cited as "Asatru." Asatru is a very real religion, there are many out who still worship and follow the Norse Gods as well as Norse mythology.

Several popular metal bands follow Asatru.
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@: 1hide20
Asatru is really small right now but seems to be picking up in Iceland, where it makes up something like 1% of the population
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Haha, that guy sounded a little nuts, but Norse religion is pretty damn cool. I wouldn't follow it, but if that's what you wanna believe and if you arent fliging axes at people, go for it xD
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Yes it's perfectly normal that's my religion too.
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Well, if it's normal to be Christian, worshiping Norse deities is normal.
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Im actually a Greek Pagan, so for me, this is nothing out of the ordinary.
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*Metal music plays in the background*

There are quit a few people that practice Paganism, but the percentage in modern times is most likely much lesser compared to many centuries ago. I think the man in question, should have a right to sue because in a sense, his religion is being disc tomatoes.

*Insane guitar solo ensues*

*A crack of lightening signifies that the song has ended*
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