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Is it normal to write down things that you want to say to your ex?
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Is it normal to be thinking about your ex, who you may talk to from time to time, and write things down (either pen and paper or computer) with the intention of saying it later? Like...almost like speaking your heart, but for whatever reason not able to say it in person? ...but really with the intent, either actually doing it or not, or saying it later? Almost like you're preparing for the conversation. Doesn't matter who hurt who....just kind of feelings to let your ex know why you did what you did or what you feel about what he/she did..just to get your word out.
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Yes, this is a good way to organize thoughts.
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I used to have conversations in my head of things I wanted to say but could never get the chance to, so I can relate.
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Totally normal and a very good idea, because it's easy to forget important things and writing them is a good way of clarifying your thoughts and then remembering them.
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@: Ellenna
Thank you. I edited my post a little bit in response to this answer. You're definitely right, but maybe I just had to add a little bit of detail to my question. I omitted the part where I said I wanted to say it to my ex...but (for the most part) never have. Maybe the same answer applies...idk.
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