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Is it normal type for posing for mom to sit on her son's lap?
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I saw many pics of mom and son when mom sits on her son's lap,is it normal?
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If he's a big kid then, then I don't see why not, if it's just posing for a photo.
However, if they spent a lot of time in this position, I don't think that would be considered normal.
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Yes monami it is normal. please sit on your sons lap and let him feel prowd, he will love you more, and be happy. It would be funny and might make him laugh if you farted on his lap. lol.
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"spend a lot of time in this position"
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Were have you seen these pictures from. Tell me because i think you are lying.
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I think you have an overactive imagination.
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It is normal for fun, if the boy is under teen age, me too sit on my son's lap often , he is a kid (9 yrs old) but bulky enjoy to carry me on his lap. He feel proud when carry me, and behave as if he is my father. but when my son will grow (around 15+) I must be cautios
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Let your Mom slide her juicy cunt on your lap and fuck her silly.
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Depends on his age, yo
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