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Is it normal when I stretch my body hard I feel dizzy?
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I don't know, when I'm sort of exhausted or feeling tired. When I need to stretch my body for relief, I do it hard.
After stretching, I just feel so disorientated and dizzy. Everything just feels so weird.

Is this normal? does this happen to you or people?
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Comments (6)
Yeah. I stretch hard after sitting for a while or wakeing up and i feel dizzy to the point where i cant see and have to wait till my sight comes back. Normal... i think
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This happens to me all the time, sometimes I get really close to blacking out but that happens when my spine cracks too when I stretch.
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that happens to me. I dont think anything of it.
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ya its normal when i stretch i get so dizzy i pass out for about a few seconds it been hapening since i was kid.
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its when blood doesnt get to your head or soemthign like that... or not eating enough i forget one of the 2
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It always happens to me. And I think it's normal cause a lot of other people get it too.. Also I get this tingly feeling.
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