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Is it normale that i let my dog lick my dick
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Is it normale that i sat naked in front of my female dog and let her come and lick my dick??
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Comments (14)
If the dog wants to lick it, they can go right ahead.
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be careful he might just take it off!!
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well. well. well. expect mutant children XD
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lol out of 100 votes 20 people said its not normale XD
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It cant hurt the dog, so why not? Looking for a man with a male dog in New Orleans
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Yeah I do it too!
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Make=animal abuse.
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Why can't u just get a human to do that for u
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...why is this considered normal.
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Love to watch and have 3 some with a girl and her dog
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Wtf is with the Qs of ppl letting theyr dogs give them oral? Its NOT normal and its NOT ok, its fucking disgusting
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Not normal and weird.
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