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Is it normall that im feeling like this has anyone else?
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Hello my name is Anthony and i took a joint 1 month ago and i have been feeling like im still being controlled and it gives me serious anxiety and i get up to 2 panic attacks each day and its so bad that i puke bcuz of how scared and sick i am i also feel really weird sometimes as if im tripping again and its like i knew that stuff was going to happen for example *my dad picked up a bottle of water* i knew that was going to happen because thats how i felt when i was on the trip and im scared everyday and im writing this right now and feel like im being controlled and keap on panicking i have been going to specialists about this and i need help from u guys aswell thank u :/
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Sounds like the joint was possibly laced with something Regardless, you may have had a latent schizophrenia that the drug or drugs triggered.
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No its not bloody well normal.ffs.
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I had a remarkably similar experience. For the longest time I had thought that it was this crazy thing, I'm sure you still feel that way and reading this probably won't help you.

But recently I was talking with my boss about drugs and he pointed out that I probably just got high, but that I was raised so sheltered and such that the experience left me feeling like something really crazy had happened.

If you had any anxiety about smoking before or uncertainty, or were raised religious or had protective parents, I think this could be true for you also.

Reality is reality, and thoughts are thoughts. Everyone thinks crazy shit that is different from reality. But it is reality that's important, not the bullshit in our heads.

You just gotta ride it out, let your brain go through its madness and don't try to fight it. Think about what's going on in your actual life, not your head, and what you'd like to change or accomplish and how to do it.
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