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Is it normal...that I get bored with relationships easily?
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Whenever I get in a new always gets old and awkward after a few weeks/months even when the guys are very attractive(i'm a female...)but it's really strange.
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Well you clearly haven't met the right person. Or, you're childish and have the attention span of a melon.
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yea that does tend to happen for a lot of people. which is actually really sad though, because even if you think you love the person, something like that seems to get in the way for both of you.

but you say "even when the guys are really attractive", surely your not basing what your looking for in a relationship primarily on looks are you? if you do, your not going to have a good relationship. if they're attractive but have no personality, its not going to cut the cake.

but yeah sadly its normal.
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Yeah, it's normal.

Young people typically enjoy excitement and passion more than a stable commitment. The chase is better than the catch.

Wait until you're a little older before you establish long-term relationships. You'll likely be more in the mood for stability by then.
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As a young person, this should not have been thumbed down.
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Maybe you're just stupid or ADD or both?
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my goldfish also got bored with me. I bought him from the store bought him everything a fish could ask for a nice aquarium little glow in the dark pebbles and fish food for a months suppply. took him home within mminutes it seemed to forgot all this, it wouldnt even look at me,,,just prim its fins

ungrateful goldfish. im going to feed him to my CAT.
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