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Is it okay to work out with an upset stomach?
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So I'm wondering if I should take it easy today or not.

I went to bed last night with a somewhat upset stomach--I've been feeling nauseated all weekend. I wake up, and I am completely and udderly disgusted/horrified--I had diarrhea in my bed. I jumped up, tore the bedspread off, disinfected/cleaned it, and took a shower....SO disgusting. I then went to class, feeling somewhat nauseous still. I haven't had super bad diarrhea all day, but my stomach has been grumbling and obviously off--not sharp pains, but tender when pressed on. I haven't vomited or had chills; I'm just really tired, bloated, and having diarrhea. Should I push through this and work out? Or should I take a breather...?
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Take a pill for the diarrhea and you should be fine.
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or just have a really intense troll workout!
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If you want to shit in your pants whilst squatting go for it!
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Steroids give you nausea I think which means you're doing something right. If you start puking and shitting your pants in the gym they probably wont care cause its covered in peoples sweat anyway. Work out if you want.
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