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Is it passable for a girl not to cum?
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I've been going out with my bf for a few months now, and i truly love him. accually the first time i tried masturbating and exploring my body was with him.but I just wont cum. we triy every night but i just wont. he teases me kisses and licks my pussy and fingers me. i always get wet but i just dont cum and im kind of scared ill never be able to. is it ormal for a person to not be ale to cum or do it without noticing it?
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its called your "clit". Find it.
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There is no way you "won't notice" an orgasm, trust me.

Slack's right. Without clitoral stimulation, orgasm is very difficult. It sounds like you've tried masturbation but haven't quite been able to climax just yet. If this subject is a bit too touchy to discuss with a health care provider or counselor, I'd suggest an TRUSTED, perhaps older female friend. Once you get the hang of it, so to speak, you should enjoy your lovemaking more.

P.S. If you're underage, I PRAY that you will give safe sex and birth control some serious consideration.
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You should just try more things than you are doing now like 69ing or anal.
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i cant get off during sex.i had been with a guy for over 2 years,and he had never been able to get me off.the only way i can get off is with a vibrator.there are alot of woman like this actually,your boyfriend just needs to just take his time,so you can relax.try getting drunk,i can get off that way.

-dirt dobbler
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go look at a sexual statistic site on woman climaxing,and you will be surprised at the number of woman who dont or very rarely climax,and it is not from lack of arousal.
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For a girl it can be anywhere from an easy to a difficult task to get off..!
but my last ex showed me where my G-spot is. Right when you or ur bf stick ur fingers in and do the "come here" motion with your fingers. and you can push down right above ur pubic bone and the fingers and ur hand will squeeze the g spot in between. and its just have to can feel like your going to pee yourself, but your not, woman have i think its a quater of a liter of "cum" inside of us-something like that.and its crazy that woman sometimes never find this.cause i could have been one of them!
Then there is always the clitt! just close ur eyes and let your mind wander to whatever gets u and go with it! hope that helps!? ..
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