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Is it petty to curse a guy and hope he goes to hell when....
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I just found out that I've been the "other woman", and I'm really pissed because I believed a lot of what he told me. I just want to know, is it petty and childish to hope that he goes to hell? I plan on confronting him about it soon, and I am going to tell him that I hope he burns in hell.

I'm really steamed (and that does not happen easily), and I just want to know if this is petty and childish of me? I'm usually very Zen about things, but I really wanna have this guys nuts on a platter.
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Not petty to be angry. But it is petty to want someone to suffer for eternity (hell) for something like this.

Just leave him. If he is a cheater, then what good is he to even know?
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No, not at all. You have every right to be pissed. He will get what he deserves though I'm sure.
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I wouldn't say it's the mature thing to do but it certainly isn't petty to be angry at someone for two-timing you.
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laugh in his face
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I found out a few months ago that i was the "other guy" six times over. It is terrible for my self esteem as well as my ability to trust others. I don't know about going to hell, but my ex has a lot of bad karma coming her way, and i won't be upset when it catches up with her.
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