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I have never done this blog bullshit before, but i just needed to know for my own peace of mind,
i been smoking strong skunk and hash for abou 4 years,
when i was in my first year of university i was able to smoke about 12 joints a day with about 3 people, and used to get high and just love it,
no side effects, just loving life,
i enjoy smoking when iam alone too,, maybe more than being with somone,
however lately for the past 8 monts every time i smoke abot half a jay before watching a movie, eating etc. i have started getting wayyy tooooooooooooooo high for my own liking, and it happens really fast,
i have been smoking the same pot, and its not laced with everything, its usally strong, but i have had a high tolrence for a few years,
when i mean i get toooo high these are things which start happeing to me,
i have this horrible twiching sensation on my shoulder and neck, which lasts till the high is completly over, its a horrible feeling, i look retarteded doing it,
and the panic part as started freaking me out more too,
for the past 1 month i have tried to stop smoking pot, but iam finding it really hard, i have cut down to may 2 or 3 joints a day, but these effects are driving me mad,
iam freaked out about the twiching, does anyone know why that happens? and can it get worse?
i love smoking pot, its been a big part of my life,iam only 21 years old, i dont want to be twiching forever,
can somone please let me know asap, i will be very glad,
thank you,
peace homies, keep it real,
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Why don't you nurse every single joint for as long as needed? In other words, smoke it extra slow so that the stone is more gradual and you don't end up being hit with a heavy stone too fast.
There doesn't tend to be many if any physical side-effects of withdrawal from weed as far as I know, just psychological effects (mainly depression & increased anxiety).
Skunk is a little different from ordinary weed as it is chemically altered and can gradually bring about unwanted side effects so perhaps you should cut that out and stick to the pure stuff to see if the twitching goes away.
I get the twitching but only in uncomfortable situations when I'm stoned (such as sitting with people I don't or barely know).
OR take the big leap and quit! I dunno. Update and let us know how you get on =)
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I know how you feel. I am in a band so you know how tempting drugs are. After i played a show i smoked weed i did heroin etc. I would wake up the next day with some random chick i didn't even know. I had that shoulder thing you were talking about too. That's the main reason i stopped. Also it was ruining my life. But now i don't do drugs anymore, and my singing guitar playing and overall music writing sounds way better. But that twitching in your shoulder should stop if you quit smoking less. I also heard you mentioned you have lowered the amount you smoke. That twitching is withdraw. The only way to get rid of it is by smoking as much as you used to or just quitting all together. If you really love that stuff but you want to smoke less. You should quit and start again. But not too much at once. Hope this post helps man.
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thanks a lot for your reply,
iam no rock star, iam just a guy who loves to chill and loves being high,
i play a lot of poker as well, so getting high kinda goes well,

this is the first time in 3 years i havnt smoked a jay, for four days , and iam not feeling grade,
and i might crack the end of the day,
do you reckon its worth going to a doctor or anything like that?
i used to play a lot of sport, and now days its hard for me to even get the bags from the shop back to the house.
never thought a soft drug like this would have so much power over me
if anyone reading this is getting negtive vibes about smoking pot, dont!

iam just one in a huge buch who is getting this badly effected, all my friends have been smoknig with me, and just one of them lost the plot, the reast are still happy high.
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I smoked pot for years as well i recently quit but b4 i did it took about a year of everytime i got high id have a panic attack i finally quit thinking itd go bk to the way it was when i liked being high but it didnt and im actually glad if it wasnt for my anxiety id still be another loser gettin high all the time forget about gettin high ok
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It damages your brain according to the medical community.
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Quote"....its been a big part of my life,iam only 21 years old..."Unquote

Thats the problem. You started heavy use before your young body was fully developed - now you are suffering the effects.

I suggest not cutting down but quitting cold turkey before it gets worst.

I also smoke pot daily but I didn't start until I was in my twenties. I have now smoked pot for over 45 years.
After 45 years the long term affects are:
Habit forming to the point of addiction but it's much easier to stop than trying to quit tobacco.
I get a sore throat that sometimes is annoying. Sometimes I wake up about 4 hours after going to bed with acid reflux.
The natural paranoid feelings that the law is going to get you etc.,plus the way pot impedes your working life, eventually makes you a completely different person than you would have been.

At your age heavy pot use will drag down your social life as well as affect your health.
If you don't deal with it now it surely will lead you on to the really dangerous drugs that your doctor will sell you for the pain etc.
Then you WILL be addicted to painkillers as they are one of the most additive drugs sold today.

If quitting is not an option then learn to smoke less - not necessarily less often but less pot.
I roll a skinny joint with just a small pinch of pot and leave the end of the joint that goes in my mouth empty - so the joint is only two thirds of what is considered the norm. (completely does away with roaches and burnt lips and fingers).

I never share joints (stupid way to catch a disease) If I smoke with someone I just give them their own "skinny" joint.
The sore throat is because of how much smoke and how deep I inhale it.
Fat joints are totally unnecessary to get high and are a waste of pot.

One reason for you getting too high is that your blood is so full of pot that you are probably still high from your previous joint.

Over the years I've noticed guys who are heavy drinkers, as they reach 50+ can get drunk on a fraction of what it used to take to get them drunk.

If possible grow yer own!

Regardless of what the dealer tells you, chances are the pot has been sprayed with insectcide/Fungicide. So grow yer own!
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I like noodles. Seems like they know the know. Listen to noodles. :)
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I don't think you need to quit (of corse unless you want to) I am a fellow pot lover lol. I think you've been smoking that crazy shit way to long. Get some variety, invest in a starnd thats not quite as strong.
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becourse i got high becourse i got high ladadadadadadada doing drugs have a lot of side effects
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u have no fuckin life u living from this shit,well this shit gonna bury u someday.i've done this too but moderately and i knew when to stop.i was in jail from this,used to steal money to buy it but when i look back in time i was such a stupid young 16-17 kid now after 5 years i realize what i;ve done was wrong since my cousin died from this would take a lot of time to tell my story but no time for this/just smoke it occasionally and try to give up
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Dude that's what happens when u smoke pot retard
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