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Okay here we go again. I have a habit since childhood. I blink out letters and number if I see them. If I drive by a bill board and it catches my eye I blink of how many letters it is, then I have to pair the letters until they all have a match. Example : if I blink out the word forever. That's 7 blinks. Okay but 7 is odd. So I have to blink 7 times then blink the word again so that will be 14 letters. rf .or.ev. er.
See what I did. Now they all have a pair. I do that in my head. Until the word is even and has a match then I'm okay!
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It must be pure hell for you to watch a foreign movie with subtitles
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You shouldn't be driving !
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OCD is a terrible thing.
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it's not normal, but it's okay, everybody has their quirks
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