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Is it weird that I have people in my head?
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I think a lot and when I think it might get weird. Okay I want you to look at the floor and imagine a red boot. Did you imagine it? Okay, now imagine a man with his legs folded looking at you. Okay. You don't actually see him with your eyes right? Right. But you did see him. That's how my thinking gets. I talk to those people but instead of a random person it's family members. When I'm in the car and I'm smoking a cigarette and I think if a family member in my passenger seat I have to put the cigarette out because I know they don't smoke. Or taking a shit on the toilet and thinking they are watching so I have to be awkward sometimes. LOL . Seriously though. Its irritating and when I think of them asking asking a question I ignore it and they get mad so I think to myself. "What if what I'm thinking is real and what I'm living is a dream??? " so I respond so I won't feel guilty. I know it's weird but I don't do it in front of others..... Well I do I just whisper my words but no one ever noticed it. And I'm constantly talking to whoever is in my mind at the moment. I want this gone. ASAP staterted this 7-8 years ago.
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You obviously have been thinking this way for a while, that it's become a habit that's now got out of hand. All of us have thoughts that wander etc, but you have in your words created characters inside your head that are impacting on your quality of life in a negative way. You need to develop strategies or new patterns of thinking where these 'characters' cannot rule or impact your life. You have insight into your problem which is the first step in helping yourself overcome this concern. If you feel you need profesional help, then that is a consideration, but I seriously think with persistence, you can overcome this problem. I really think you can. Lastly you say you feel 'guilty' if you don't reply, but it's just not worth the ongoing anxiety if you do. Ultimately this is about you being in control of your own thoughts and life.
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@: ZaneT
Umm..This person has a mental disorder, and needs to be psychoanalyzed by a specialist any john can see this!!!! NOT NOT NOT normal and mister (OP) please stay your crazy ass off the road!! PLEASE!
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Are you my ex girlfriend form high school? I believe she said things like this on occasion.
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Ok, firstly, its not normal.
Secondly, it is not necessarily a problem unless you permit it to be.

Sounds to me like your subconscious has woken up while you aren't sleeping. Happens to a lot of people.
How you react to this happening will largely determine the outcome of you suddenly have two minds thinking at the same time and competing for space.

You'll be alright... but only if you haven't already determined for yourself that the possibility doesn't exist.

Best of luck.
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