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Is it weird to depersonalize with weed
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I did weed a few months ago and I completely depersonalized. I felt like I was in a movie or something. At first I didn't know what date it was or who i was or anything. It lasted like an hour and i kept remember more and more things until the hour was over, but it felt longer.
I didn't even feel fear or anything i kinda liked it.Sort of felt like a spiritual thing.
There was nothing laced in the weed either.
I remember i did drink a natural organic energy drink an hour before and took an advil three hours before... could that have done it?
This was not my first time with weed and I have done it many times after without these effects.
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"Depersonalize"? Like a sort of detachment from your everyday normal identity, a detachment from your everyday sense of self? That can happen, and it's very mild compared to LSD where that same thing happens and it's like one's mind is in a tornado and one has to all but fight to retain some sense of identity.
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Weed is legal where I live-you can buy it at the gas station. Everyone in Colorado is depersonalized
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It happens pretty much all the time to me.
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