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IS it wrong that when i was 12 i fucked my 13 year old step-cousin?
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When i was 12 i fucked my step-cousin and her twin all the day her and her twin just walked in on me while i was jerkin off and they asked me if i wanted them to blow me and i said yes.aftair that we fucked everyday.i just want to know if its normal?
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And I was Trolling to the East, Trolling to the West... XDDD
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I was surprised people chose to give actual answers to this, it screams troll material at me.
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well since they're your step cousins, then they're not technically related to you. so i guess it's not too bad.
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Step cousin and her twin? So you mean they were both your step cousins then....
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Perfectly normal maybe or not?
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So long as you are not blood relatives, there is nothing messed up about that. 12/13 is a bit young, but still not too gross.
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