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Is jaw pain and sickness normal after wisdom teeth removal?
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3 weeks after wisdom teeth surgery i have extreme pain in jaw. I have had fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and extreme stomach pain. Was told it was a colon infection by doctor. I dont think so and jaw is still sore trouble sleeping and eating. Taste buds have changed too. Is this normal?
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Perhaps talk to your dentist?
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When I had my wisdom teeth out I was pretty much in the slow lane and unable to eat a normal diet for a week afterwards. And I still had some discomfort two or three weeks after. If the doctor says you have a colon infection I'd take his word for it, and the rest sounds normal.
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You are aware that the dentist dislocates your jaw when he pulls your wisdom teeth?

Of course you will have pain and discomfort afterwards!

The rest of your complaints are medical in nature!
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