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Is masterbating bad if your 12?
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Well one day at school my friends played truth or dare they asked if l masterbate in dare l said ya one of my friend said it bad for your barin if you masterbate under puberty is this true?
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I love masterbating in the shower and on my bed it feals so good
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its totally normal. i AM 12 and i do it all the time. its totally all right. but dont get caught.
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Don't listen to your friends.
No: You will not grow hair on your hands.
Your eyeballs will not melt.
And it most certainly doesn't hurt your brain.
Actually, when you get older, masturbation can be quite medicinal as it relieves stress :]
So go crank 'em out to your heart's content! Just don't get caught by anybody, that can be pretty awkward and embarassing.
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Have you ever climbed the ropes in gym class?
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Don't worry, it's totally normal. Just masturbate your heart out! :D
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I don't think so.
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yes, quite bad, actually. it'll cause your balls to grow in reverse order, and will shrivel up into rasins. Sorry.

You should at least wait until your 18 until further sexual activity.

Actually, just joking. of course it's NOT bad. if it was, many of us men would have ruined our selves.
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no mate its normal i started at 10 and i love it
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Not bad at all. I first did when I was 6, but got scared and didn't do it untill about 10-12 ( I don't remember) afterwards, because I did not really know what it was.
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