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Is my clitoris supposed to do that?
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I masturbated as per usual using a vibrator, and the next day, I looked "down there", and my clitoris is a light purple. Like, a cross between pink and purple. Not all that dark or anything. It's never turned that shade before, and I think maybe I bruised it or something? It's been this way for two days, and I'm kind of scared. I can still feel pressure on it, which is I guess a good sign but it's still swollen under the hood, which is weird. I hope I'm not being too descriptive, but please answer soon!
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Yeah it just brusied, it will go away
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Did you use the vibrator directly on the clitoris? It may just be overstimulated. I say just give it rest and watch what happens in the next few days.
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MrHammans a big prick!
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Its either brusied or you have a disease called Blue Waffle disease. If it dosen't go away after 3-4 days i would defintley see a doctor. :)
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Oh god, blue waffle. Im not sure it's that bad. But like some said, after a couple days it should go away.
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