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Is my pet peeve normal? Who else has it?
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Stoner girl here, so I have Misophonia. It's when you get angry from unnecessary noises and every little noise makes you mad or frustrates you. Ex. chewing gum with mouth open, smacking when eating, slurping when drinking. Who else has this? Is it normal lol?
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i git annoyed by the soundsa asian hookers

i gots mesohornia
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What about pouring bowls of cereal?
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Thats not super annoying but its still annoying. No enough to make me yell at you though
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Maybe you smoke too much weed?
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lol indeed
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I hate when people don't chew with their mouth closed
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Believe me you're not alone.
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Toke it up man.
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I know a few that don't like it.
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Don't have supper with the Wolverine family.
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