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I wrote this for the prizes in my school, it goes something like this

''hello the big one''
''i am the big one''
''did you see lately, the jesus fucks all the boys in my livingroom''
''i was not aware of that''
''take me to the red socks game they have fun football''
''the american football?''
''no the red one''
''let me fink about that and i tell you what''
''are you gud?''
''i am rhinocerus''
''go crack cap in his arse''
''tell me about it''
''where did it go?''
''am the magicians''
''wow your very brave men''
''i know i am'' (thank you)
''tell me more about the red socks''
''santa comes for them once a year, he says they are cool''
''the claus one? he fucks from behind the boys at the barnyard''
''yes indeed mr.''
(asian noises)
''i feel very pleased to me you we had gud times''
''bye my friend''
''see you in the later tense''

be honest, i accept citrics
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Comments (10)
I liked the "(asian noises)" part. The rest was shit. And you are shit.
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after reading...

"''did you see lately, the jesus fucks all the boys in my livingroom''

...I lost interest and it became nauseating but read the whole thing and it SUCKS...

It sucks big dick in my opinion...
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I agree. It sucks. It seems like random thoughts all jammed together. A 2 year old could do better.
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@: finn
it is a mensaphorical story, there is no need to be well written
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Everything is always better when it is well written even if it's intentional. Your shit looks like a bunch of unintentional written slop and like he said a 2 year old, infact it reminds me of a 2 year old scribbling tripe with chalk on a sidewalk.
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it is the new art
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Jsjdvfhsjjwjsdbdvvfzk ishfcbiieufhbxbd xjjcbdsjkdokfjghjekzj jddbbrbskxkjd

How does you liked my art?
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I've had food poisoning for the past 2 days, and during this period I've flushed stuff more worthwhile than this piece of literary crap. The only thing I would award you (if I were judging) would be a repeat of your last year's English classes.
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"(asian noises)"
nice 10/10 ign
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This is truly art...
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