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Is normal not to wipe after taking a shit
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I dont like wiping after a shit is this normal,its too much work for me it's not really worth the time and effort
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Comments (12)
You must smell REALLY bad
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No its not bloody well normal.ffs.
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Completely normal,if you want to stink like shit,fuckhead!
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Yeah I know its extremely hard work physically and mentally exhausting!!! fucking hell!!!
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Please, wipe. I am 90% sure that everyone knows how badly you smell.
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Nothing like the feeling of shit between your arsecrack while walking feels just like a creampie.
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If you have a certain fetish of having poop streaks and smearing of it on your underwear than I suppose it's normal but in a "Normality" state of mine. No, it's not normal.
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You're a monster.
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some take little wipes but u don't know till u try.Some take 7 wipes others take 70.I wipe till I cant see anymore brown with a wet toilet paper.I don't want to stink.I recommend U do the same.I've had times where no wipe was necessary but that's not always the case if that's what your counting on yer wrong.Yer mom can't do it for u anymore and it's a bad way to look for attention.
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Go lick your skidmarks.
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I hope you're a troll. Otherwise you're a fucking degenerate mate.
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