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Is normal to go end up hating a dog?
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My mom got this husky randomly because she was going to go phase of liking pictures of Huskies and meeting them. I was trying to explain to her what shovel high maintenance dog it was. And I wasn't trying to discourage her I just didn't want to end up having to take care of the dog, which is what ended up happening. I'm that person who would jump in front of a car for an animal. But I ended up slowly hating this animal more than anything, it gives me anxiety attacks and I can't deal with him. He's the only dog in the world if I've met that gives me so much stress when I see him. He is not even my dog, I have two siblings and don't do anything to help with him including my mom or her boyfriend . They are the ones that bought him, I didn't ask for a dog. I don't have much time it takes to take care of the dog especially a puppy recliner when he was 10 weeks old. He is six months now and it's getting too hard to deal with. We are not always home and he is literally destroyed our porch. And were not an active family. I told my mom that Huskies were lapdogs which is what she wanted. She slowly started moving them outside when she said he was an inside dog at first.

I keep telling my mom that she should just give them to somebody else told him the attention he needs because we don't give it to him. And we clearly can't train him right. We did go to a few training classes but they weren't helping.

He has food and water he has a place to sleep, he has blankets but it seems not to be enough for him.

he can't seem to sit in one place too long without having to get up he can't even lay with us in our beds, which is what we wanted originally but my mom wanted to crate train him.

I don't know what to do it and she's making me more angry and stressed out.

My mom's boyfriend seems to be the worst of it he keeps doing things with the dog that it thinks is okay and it's not okay for him to do because we don't want him to do that stuff. And my mom's boyfriend doesn't really live here he lives at his own house and it's not fair for him to have to change what the dog is doing just because he likes and we don't.

I literally have to do everything for the him. I have to clean up its poop, I have to punish him, I have to wash it, i'm the one that has to give him food. And when he sick I don't have to be the medication and it makes me seem like I'm the bad person.

With no help and he doesn't listen to me because I'm not the "master" because he's not my dog .

With all that already I suffer from depression and it's stressing me out and give me more than I can deal with. I try my best to help but I don't know if I can keep doing this. The dog is not giving me comfort like other dogs would. He is not mine and it's like I have to keep watch him waste my mom's money we don't have.
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dawg trainin dont cost a dime if yall knows how

the dawg dont care who pays the bills so if yall wants to be the boss of him yall just gotta own the position

with some knowledge and work yall could make this dawg yalls own pet & bodyguard for years but it sounds like yallre mired in feelin sorry for yallself
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He needs a new home I think
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Poor dog has miserable life. Find him a new home asap. If your mom says no tell her he got stolen.
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"I told my mom that Huskies were lapdogs which is what she wanted." Did you forget to put a "not" in there? They're the exact OPPOSITE of lapdogs! They need a LOT of exercise and mental stimulation.
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