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Is objectification to be expected by female attire?
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I wasn't sure how to word the title, but what I'm getting at is this. It seems to me, and ladies correct me if I'm wrong, that many women want to express their sexuality and feel sexually empowered and so they dress and look according to that. Heterosexual men have lust for women and so when they pick up on a woman wearing sexually empowering attire they are naturally drawn to this. It seems a contradiction if then the woman is offended by being objectified. I just think lust stems from physical attraction and physicality is an object. But I'm open to discuss it and have my opinion challenged.
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There is so much wrong with this I not sure where to begin. Being sexually empowered has nothing to do with how you dress. The sexual empowerment movement is saying women can be shameless and sleep with every dude they feel like. Men in society are taught to have sex with every female who passes by. Also why men are not allowed to say a woman raped them without being shamed by society.

Men are told all sex is good sex as long as its not with another man. This is also why most women are likely to feel like "All men want to rape/fuck them". Since a lot of guys are stupid and give into the peer pressure of trying to fuck a woman no matter what. They just want to fuck and they will go to great lengths to get it. To them "Female=sex".

This is why a lot of females would say "I wish I was a man". It has nothing to do with gender identity its the fact THEY HATE BEING SEXUALLY HARRASSED that much. Gender identity issue do happen for some but a lot of people would still switch genders just because they hate being objectified. If you are speaking of feminists, most are just women looking for something to cry about.

Why most woman are rejecting the feminist movement. The Feminist movement focuses on things which are nonissues vs the issues that really exist in this world. However a lot of sexism does not start in school, does not start at work. Sexism starts at home along with any other prejudice ideal a child might or might not grow up with.

So if we really care about society and its standards we need to create better family values. Not this trash society that says everyone has to fuck like the animals they are. We are more than savage beasts, we are the most developed species on this planet but everyone is so over sexualized no one realizes that.
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