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Is squirting normal ?
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Ok, so I'm kinda confused and I'm not sure if its normal but about a week ago or so and I was having sex with my new boyfriend, and when he made me orgasm a liquid came out and he accused me of peeing on him. I was really shocked and embarrassed well I guess mortified would be the better word, because that had never happened to me when having sex before. I was talking to one of my friends and she said I was a squirter and when she explained it to me it didn't make much sense. Is it normal ? Is it something I should be worried about ? don't get me wrong it felt awesome but I'm really concerned now. Someone please help me !
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Normal and sexy. I am a guy.
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Make most guys smile! Your much better than normal!
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Yes its totally normal. Some girls can't do it but a lot of us are lucky enough to be able to do it easily. Don't worry about it - the girls that can't do it will be jealous of u and they guys who know u can do it will love u for it more! :) Ax
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A hint to this dumbmass guy: pee and squirting do NOT come out of the same orifice.
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Consider yourself lucky I didn't start till I was 40. Must admit that I thought I had peed myself thankfully my very supportive partner knew and encourages it all the time. It is hard if your partner is not educated in this amazing gift . Enjoy;)
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“Squirting ” has been incorrectly labeled by many as female ejaculate that only some women are capable of achieving. It needs to be demystified and explained to reveal what it really is.
There have been studies to identify what the actual fluid that is expelled during what is called “squirting” is. Out of all the women involved, the fluid was analyzed and found to be urine. Some women actually lose control of their bladder during high levels of arousal. It is called “coital incontinence”. Some of the confusion comes from the fact that sometimes PSA is found in the urine, leading some to believe it is something else. The very low levels of PSA are due to some of the fluid released from the Skene’s glands during arousal, being mixed in with the urine. The Skene’s glands secrete a small amount of fluid when a woman is aroused providing lubrication for intercourse and sometimes a bit more during orgasm. These glands are located very close to the urethra, so it is to be expected some of it would mix with the urine.
The important point to note is that the PSA level in the urine expelled during arousal is very low, which reveals that the fluid isn’t just Skene's gland fluid. It is a very minute portion of the main fluid which is always found to be urine. Skene’s glands are incapable of producing the large amount of fluid that can be released by the bladder. At best they may release 2-3 ml. since they are the size of a pea. When women “squirt” it is usually described as being 100 ml of fluid or even much more. The Skene’s gland are physiologically incapable of producing this amount.
Even when women empty their bladders prior to coitus, ultrasound revealed a sudden filling of the bladder after sexual excitation and after “squirting” the bladder was empty again.
Some women go to the doctor about their “coital incontinence”, while others don’t mind and the partners don’t either, usually because they believe it is female “ejaculation” and should be considered as something positive. It is actually a pathological sign of a urinary disorder. It can be repaired surgically, or controlled by medication for overactive bladders.
So, for the women who feel inadequate because they do not “squirt”, realize that you actually have a healthy bladder and for those that do, a visit to your doctor is probably in order.
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What are you 13? Of course it is normal!
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