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Is squirting normal ?
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Ok, so I'm kinda confused and I'm not sure if its normal but about a week ago or so and I was having sex with my new boyfriend, and when he made me orgasm a liquid came out and he accused me of peeing on him. I was really shocked and embarrassed well I guess mortified would be the better word, because that had never happened to me when having sex before. I was talking to one of my friends and she said I was a squirter and when she explained it to me it didn't make much sense. Is it normal ? Is it something I should be worried about ? don't get me wrong it felt awesome but I'm really concerned now. Someone please help me !
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Normal and sexy. I am a guy.
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Make most guys smile! Your much better than normal!
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Yes its totally normal. Some girls can't do it but a lot of us are lucky enough to be able to do it easily. Don't worry about it - the girls that can't do it will be jealous of u and they guys who know u can do it will love u for it more! :) Ax
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A hint to this dumbmass guy: pee and squirting do NOT come out of the same orifice.
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Consider yourself lucky I didn't start till I was 40. Must admit that I thought I had peed myself thankfully my very supportive partner knew and encourages it all the time. It is hard if your partner is not educated in this amazing gift . Enjoy;)
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What are you 13? Of course it is normal!
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