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Is that normal to eat one's nose dig?
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In my last working woman's hostel, I had to share room with another girl on double room sharing basis.

One day while watching TV, I was in the other room, separated by tinted glass. I could see my room mate sitting in the other room, but she could not see me watching her. And to my horrid shock, she was digging her nose and then eating the stuff!! I mean, I could not believe what I was seeing. So I kept watch over her for a week, and realized it is her habit, to dig nose and eat the stuff too. And she does that whenever she feels no one is watching her. Otherwise she seemed to me to be quite a normal girl.

I was so disgusted with this habit of her, that I could not touch or eat anything that she held. It became so difficult for me that I had to leave the woman's hostel in some weeks time, and move to another hostel. Is that normal to eat one's nose dig?
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I'm really suprised that everyone on hear is so freaked out by this. Little kids pick their nose and eat it all the time. It's definately not an appropreiate thing to do in public, but it's not the end of the world.
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I dont think its normal, but it isnt unhealthy. you should just tell she is nasty and she should go in some secluded woods if she wants to eat her boogs
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Dear psychedelnick, How could you say it is not unhealthy. I am sure she would fall sick some time or other if she continues doin this for long. Thankfully I am not in touch with her to know if she is still doin this....
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thats a super pet peve of mine, people publicy picking scabs or their noses, makes you not want to accept anything, or even sit where they sat.
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YUCK. It is definitely not normal.
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NOT normal but i understand the not unhealthy thing! It's unhealthy to eat food with bad fats! Things like fries and hamburgers. Alcohol and smoking too!! That's unhealthy!
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Omg what a horrible fucking xperience for u!! Man, it'd take me a long time to come back from that one!
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