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Is the way I feel towards this girl normal?
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Hi everyone,

Im having some serious emotional problems to do with this. I'll start from the beginning, two weeks after I started secondary school I have felt an overwhelming urge of love for this girl. She really is special to me, and this is how have felt towards her for the last 4 years. I don't want to kiss anyone but her or do anything suggestive with another girl as I only love this one girl. I dont think about her sexually at all, and don't consider my self obsessed in a weird way - i do nothing unusual but think about her all the time and how much she means to me. I think about what I would do if we were together and the great times I would give her. I also get really defensive over her, and become quite jealous when she talks to other boys.I don't know how she feels towards me, chances are I don't think I will know. We're both pretty shy and my self confidence around girls is pretty low - the only girls I can talk to confidently are those who I have got to known through friends. Lastly, I feel if I do anything it will seem awkward and I in know way intend in making her feel this way or offend her. So is what i'm feeling normal? I just really need some guidance as it's really starting to get to me now. The thought of her influences my behaviour, in a good way.
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yes normal.
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Yes its normal. You will eventually have to work up the courage to tell her how you feel, or ask her out, otherwise it will always just be a crush type of thing that you admire from afar. I know its tough to approach girls that you like but the first time is the hardest I promise!
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It's normal, but I think you should give other girls a chance. You may be missing out.
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its perfectly normal. but i think you should maybe go up to her and start chatting with her and maybe if you feel confident enough you could take her somewhere.i know its easy to say this and very hard to get yourself to do it,but it could turn out that she likes you aswell and you two could be happy together.but if you dont try you will never know and i think you shoukd try everything becouse even if something goes wrong then you can still learn from youre mistakes!! another thing is that she might really really like you but is expecting you to move so maybe if neither of you move she or you might find someone else instead of being happy together
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Its normal. It sounds like you have a crush on her, and since you don't think about her sexually at all, makes me believe that you really respect her.

I think you're really gonna wanna pursue her though. Maybe not now, but if the feeling grows, you'll probably want that sometime in the future. I would go with what Captain_Kegstand said.
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It's normal, when the feelings build up to much, that's life kicking you in the ass and telling you to tell her how you feel!
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Go get her champ!
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It seems like you've fallen in love. =) Congrats!! Wish you all the best! It's perfectly normal and actually not many people are blessed enough to get this feeling. I felt like this once towards a guy but things didn't work out coz he doesn't feel the same towards me. But I hope you guys can make it! =D
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Pretty obvious indeed, and judging by his post he could probably make the lady very happy.

Try to get over the shyness and at least get closer to her. Otherwise you will be missing out on a great opportunity, and so will she!
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ugh I love stories like these.just go up to her,find out now or you'll just keep obsessing over her and not live your life.
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