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Is there other guys honestly like seeing other guy masterbate?
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Was wondering i am honestly a straight male not attractted to men physically by there looks would never be with a man but heres my thing i am very sexually open and i find myself wanting to masterbate with another guy, i find that big hung penis is def hott and i do get turned on i also have a intrracial fetish to when i watch porn was wondering if any other guys feel the same way but really r not gay i would never fucked another guy or suck but would not mind masterbating with another in same room or whatever let me know
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what's with people on here saying "Im 100% straight BUT..."

You just said large penis's turn you on, therefore you ARE attracted to men in at least a tiny way.
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You can have some small amount of attraction to the same sex and still be straight, though. Sexuality is about identity, who you have sex with, and who you're romantically attracted to.
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but it's not "I can appreciate that x or y guy is hot", he said "i find that big hung penis is def hott". The penis would be a sex organ, yes? so that would be creeping into the sexual attraction?

And sexuality is about who you're sexually attracted to, and there's a difference between sexually attracted and romantically attracted, but an asexual who starts up a relationship with a woman doesn't become straight, because he's not sexually attracted to her. your sexuality is who you are sexually attracted to.

And my first post I was mainly just frustrated, it's like "oh I'm bi but I don't want to be so I'll say I'm 100% straight but sometimes enjoy gay sex" (Not always the case, I know, but so many of them are just this -.-)
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I watch guys masturbate all the time on cam4. If you like looking at cock, it's a little moe than normal beat-off buddy curiosity.
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I am very curious on stroking with another guy i maybe possible bj nothing more not attractted to men just more of a sexual niche i been all started when i saw a older guy around 43 jerking off by accident and for some reason seeing him got me rock hard the thought gets me very turned on i wanted to sign up for a cam site but didnt know if it was a waste of time thing or do u actually find men to cam chat with and stroke with?
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I don't find other people's penises very attractive but I can see that it'd be a turn on to masturbate with someone else. It's not the penis itself, just the thought of doing something naughty.
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@: dappled
I actually found that part kind of interesting, because although I'm attracted to men (and, in fact, married to a man who I find extremely attractive), I'm not particularly attracted to the sight of an erect penis. If it belongs to somebody I'm attracted to, especially if it's there because of me, that's different. Mutual masturbation falls into that category. If it's in the context of a picture* of an aroused man, that's much more attractive, but to be truly appealing, the picture needs to include his face. An aroused facial expression is much, much sexier to me than just an erect penis. Without context, a picture of an erection feels almost nonsexual to me (unless there's something being done to it, which is a whole other story). I don't have sex with penises, I have sex with people.

An erect penis is also much more arousing to me if my contact with it is tactile, rather than visual. Penises are lovely, but their looks just aren't their strong point.

Before you say "Oh Violet, you're just not very sexually visual", here's the interesting part: none of this applies to vaginas**. I realise that if you take a step back, vaginas, like most genitals, are kind of nightmarish (who let HR Giger design our sex organs?), but I find them very visually attractive, even in the absence of a face. I can be very attracted to a picture that starts at the stomach, shows the hips and mons pubis, and cuts off mid-thigh. I don't know why it's different. Sexuality is weird sometimes.

Note to non-dappled readers: Most of you probably already know this, but for those of you who are a bit thick, this post does NOT mean that I'm interested in talking about sex with you in a manner meant to arouse me or anyone else. If you try to start such a conversation via PM or in the chat, I will berate you, and then I will block you. Unless you're OswaldCobblepot, in which case you're very sexy, love, but please stay out of trouble at work.

*Or a real aroused man. I used a picture as my example because it's entirely visual, so there's no confusion about sounds etc. Also I think it's reasonably likely, given that he says he's straight, that the OP's contact with erect penises other than his own has been chiefly in picture form.

**I'm using "vagina" in the sort of general layman sense, not the medical sense, so I'm including the labia minora, clitoris, labia majora, etc.
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Also note: This isn't a special confession for IIN. Talking about this isn't particularly intimate for me. I try not to make other people uncomfortable, but among friends, I can talk about vaginas and what have you all day. Depending on your perspective, I'm either the best or worst person to invite to parties.
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It's curious how male and female sexuality would dovetail that way. Most of the people I've been out with say penises aren't attractive except as a statement of being turned on (and that the person viewing the penis is likely to be the one who turned the penis owner on). They are a barometer of sexual validation.

I don't them attractive at all. Some I see as absolutely hideous and I'd have to turn away. Thinking about the scenario with me and a man masturbating in the same room, none of it would be the sight of the penis but just what was going on with it. Like you say, context. I don't think about it often but I like the validation from turning someone on and it doesn't really matter what gender they are. When I (rarely) go on ChatRoulette or whatever that other one is where you talk to people you're paired with, even though I get paired with a man who is pretending to be a girl to talk dirty, sometimes I go along with it because I like the idea that it's turning someone on. There's probably lots of men like this (but who would admit it because they expect a chorus of fagtard).

As for vaginas, I agree with you on that too. I like looking at them, even with no context. I like looking at them very much indeed. I'll sometimes go and look for pictures of them. Not for pornography. Not for any sexual thrill, but just to see them. Almost like the opposite of pornography (which is defined as having no artistic value). I almost look at them for artistic value.

Disclaimer: As per Ms. Cobblepot-Trees statement, this is just a discussion about something, as opposed to being that thing. It's not an invitation for yet more of you to send me pictures of your penis (although to be honest, it doesn't bother me one way or the other). And yes, I do look at them so if you're getting off on the idea that dappled has seen your bits, he has. That doesn't make this an invitation, though. As for vagina owners, this doesn't apply to you because vagina owners don't tend to send me pictures. Which is a great shame!
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It is normal and I like interracial to I like black guy on white girl
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