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Is this emotional abuse or no?
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So my friend keeps saying she is being emotionally abused by her boyfriend. And When I ask her what is going on she says well he's just been distant and ignoring me. Like we were so close and now he isn't so lovey dovey anymore. He doesn't comfort me when I'm upset..

I always thought emotional abuse is when someone repeatedly put you down like calling you fat, ugly, worthless and all the shit they could possibly say to degrade you.

What do you guys think?
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Comments (7)
This sort of crap is an insult to people who have actually been emotionally abused. Far too many people don't know what the word means: I've been accused of verbally abusing people when I've politely but firmly expressing a different opinion to them.
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By the definition of your friend, we're all emotional abusers.

Of course it isn't enough.
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Ok I thought so. She's just looking for attention or maybe she's confused but ugh annoying.
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Your friend is confusing abuse with neglect.
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Being distant and ignoring the person is not emotional abuse. It just means he's lost interest.
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she should burn his house down then he will pay attention to her
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