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Is this normal for my sister to be this way?
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Hello im going to explain this the best possible way, i have a sister that's about 9 years older than me. ever since i was a child i always saw my parents struggle with her behavior her skipping school/having sex etc etc. pregnant at 16 for the first time/later with her 5th child late 20s. (none of the fathers helped with kids btw)my mother basically raised the two teenagers she has and still live with my mother. my sister is always asking to borrow money asking for favors and gets pissed off when someone says something about it and says we only talk "shit" about her. shes gets beat up/hurt by her BFs she runs to us with all of her problems, only speaks to us when she needs us other than that you cant have a meaningful conversation with her because her horrible attitude. all my bros lend her money when they can but we are still shit to her she favors the babies daddy's at first when she meets them and forgets that she has a family!constantly lives in and out of my moms house because she always cant pay her rent. recently she got with this new guy seems o.k from the pile of garbage she used to attracting. but recently my 9/8 yr old nephews told me he was screaming at them like loud demanding screams (I.e the guys been in the picture for 5 months) like he's been there for their whole life's. she doesn't like for us to correct them but for this dude its fine and dandy. i confronted her yesterday and plays dumb about the guy screaming at the kids till the teenage nephew confirmed it was true!her response was "They don't behave" note* she would not let her family ever correct them and get mad as hell if you did! yesterdays was just the boiling point and kicked her out my house after her cussing this/that back and forth should she act this way? should i have confronted her about the guy screaming? i.e i also confronted the guy.
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Your sister has become dependant. The only healthy option may sound brutal, but it's this:
Kick your sister out. Let no one give her any money. Her taste of real life will either make her be mature and grow up, or come crawling back with a brand new attitude about life. It's a win/win.
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Sounds emo to me....a bullet to the head should fix the problem
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Sounds like she needs some disipline like going to the kitchen and making me a sandwich
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your sister is due for a dose of reality. she cant keep living like this.
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She need medical help, my friend had problems like this and she is pregnant. She needs a therapist. There is a part of her brain that us shrunk and she replaced it withfighting and she has not judgement she can take herbs and talk to people to help
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Does she use drugs?
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It's sad, but its normal. Your sister trades her self respect for what she views as love, and doesn't have enough strength to stand up for her children because of it. It's all backwards down the toilet, and there's really nothing you can do, but keep trying to show her and her kids unconditional love. Maybe one day she will wake up from her nightmare.
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