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Is this normal? I really like scrunching my socks with my toes...
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I've considered seeking psychiatric help to try to stop doing this. I think it may be a form of OCD, possibly.

This habit is hard to describe. Ever since I was a child, maybe age 5 or so, I have been in the habit of moving my toes around in my shoes to make my socks bunch up under them (or under the ball of my foot), and as the socks move around, the folds in them feel really good as they slide along the bottom of my foot or between my toes. It's not a sexual thing--more of a comforting thing--well, a little beyond that, though, because it does affect my daily activities.

As the years go by, the urge gets stronger, and now it affects how I walk, my choice of socks and shoes that I wear on a particular day (thinner materials are the best, and more firm innersoles in the shoes work best, for example).

While shopping, if I stop to look at something and my foot happens to hit a wrinkle in the sock that feels extra good, I will stand there for a while and continue to wiggle my toes and do this sock thing, while pretending to look at the merchandise that's in that area.

Also, now I have corns on my feet, which seem to be (based on where they are located) from the constant rubbing against my shoes. In the past, I've had a couple minor cases of achilles tendonitis from overdoing it with one foot. Sometimes my feet or toes hurt after a day of extra-vigorous sock-scrunching (or extra good-feeling socks). So even though it's technically harmless, I'm afraid I might be doing harm to my feet and legs...although it also seems like my toes are well-exercised.

When I'm driving, I try not to do this with the foot that is working the pedals, but sometimes, once in a great while, I have to admit, it does affect how and when I apply the gas or brakes, as long as no other cars are near me.

I've always wondered if anyone else does this, but unless you can see that someone's shoe is moving from them wiggling their toes, you wouldn't know--and even then, they might just be wiggling them, not scrunching their socks.
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Normal..but that feeling drives me insane!
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I do it too, I have to do it quite regularly or i feel really uncomfortable. I often get blisters and stuff but i cant stop doing it :(
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Oh my god I used to do that too.
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Its really cute :) Um... yeah. Be careful though. If its causing any negatives then try to recognize when you're doing it and stop yourself repeatedly. I used to bite my nails a lot and I'm guessing its a very similar thing.

Wish I could watch you do it.. :(

Anyway, sorry, and good luck.
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