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Is This Normal To Do This During Sex?
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My friend wanted me to ask you all to see if what she did was completely normal.
So she was having sex with her boyfriend and she felt like she had to s**t. She stopped the party and went to get up to find out, well she kinda already did.
Her boyfriend is now totally turned off from having sex with her and she's completely embarrassed. What she wants to know is, is this normal?
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That bitch frosted me like a chocolate cake!
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Her boyfriend needs to grow up. Sometimes when a girl is orgasming or just really getting into sex they lose control down there. Shit happens.
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I shart all the time
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We'll if a girl needs to shit well she has to shit ant that dum ass needs to grow up
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Diarrhea cha cha cha.
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Depends on what form of sex this was. Was this the 'backdoor' type?

It is normal to 'let go', especially when you're getting...well hammered down there- it'll just be a matter of practice and timing on her part, and the male to grow up.
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#1, your friend needs to make her own account

#2, your friend is a nasty bitch
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yeah ''your friend''
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Shit happens, love knows no boundaries
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