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Is this normal university behavior?
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At my university, people are ultra-competitive for parking and booths. The parking and booths in the student union are always full! Only some tables and booths have charger ports, so I always sit at one of these to plug in my computer. If they are all full, I walk around the union until one becomes available, running if necessary to get it before someone else does. I get pissed inside when I see someone using a booth, but not the charger ports because there are people needing to used these ports more than they need the booth! To me, just sitting in a booth to browse your phone without plugging it in is unacceptable! I see this every damn day!!! Regarding parking, I'm also very competitive. If I see someone pulling out of a spot, I will pull up so I can get the spot after. One time, someone already was there waiting with their blinker on and I put my blinker on and went into the spot as soon as the other person left, not giving the first person a chance. I have done this twice this week. Yesterday, someone pulled out in front of me from the side and took a spot that I was going to take. I honked out of frustration that I couldn't get there in time, but thankfully i found another spot. I don't like being late to class, so this is why I'm so competitive about parking. Is this normal everyday for a university and is my behavior normal?
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You will find that trite, small-minded people who get passive aggressive over parking spaces are everywhere. You're one of them, and it's a miserable way to go through life.

Kill your ego, gain some perspective, learn what mindfulness is and save yourself from your #1 enemy: you.
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Haha what a shit life you must have.

If i saw you i would sit in a booth with a charging port but not charge anything.
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Tbh "normal" behaviour isn't normal at university. You're talking about the only time in your life that it's totally legit to see someone being wheeled home drunk in a shopping trolley at 7AM on a Tuesday morning.

But people are competitive about parking everywhere, it's not just uni.
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No it's not bloody well normal...
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