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Is this too much of a foot fetish?
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My boyfriend likes feet. He likes them a lot. He use to look out the window and watch his mom smoke when she wore flip flops, and he'd beat off to her feet.

He has beat off to his own feet, he put his moms toe ring on and her anklet, and beat off to it.

He also beat himself off, with his feet.

His neighbor is 12 years old, he is a little boy... Well, his beighbor spent the night with his little brother and slept in my boyfriends bed.
The little boys feet were touching my boyfriend... and he beat off imagining it was a girls.

He is always smelling my feet or socks, and he is always asking me what my feet are doing lol

he also begs me not to wash them when i take a shower.

Is this too much? Is something wrong with him? Will he ever grow out of this?
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Ummm no....this definitely is NOT normal! And this coming from a guy who also has a HUGE foot fetish....I also LOVE to kiss and sniff my wife's sweaty/stinky feet and socks. I feel that I'm normal and just have a foot fetish...a pretty deep one but that's all it is. But for someone to fantasize about their any part of their mothers body in a sexual that's just f'n sick right there. That's is in no way normal at all and he needs help....and the whole neighbor boy thing....yeah also not all normal. And no he won't ever get passed I said I love my wife's feet and it's not something that just goes away someday. Sniffing your girls feet and socks and even not wanting you to wash them some days....all this is just normal behavior for someone w a foot fetish. But the rest is just SICK!! You should leave this dude!
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Do other womens feet turn you on still?
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I asked this question btw.
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Do u give footjobs
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I agree with etownguy... your bf does seem to have a foot fetish, but he also seems to have a lot more going on than just that. Yeah, that Mom stuff... that just ain't right. And the stuff with the little boys... that whole section is a stomach-churner.

Foot fetishes are normal, but what you're describing really isn't.
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Yeah they do....I don't cheat on my wife or anything but if another woman has on flip flops or takes her shoes off in front me I still notice and sometimes get turned on. It's just human nature...idc how in love you are you'll still be attracted to other people and things about them but you just love the other person and their features more
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okay well some of it is normal but others, NO! I am a guy with a massive foot fetish but I fantasise about girls and not my mum! or kids?! seriously him asking you about your feet and your socks etc... totally normal! but no way is it normal to beat his meat to his mum's feet or a little boys?! if it's serious relationship your in then talk to him but if it isn't then ditch him :)
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Its normal for someone with a foot fetish.
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You know I do not think these type of fetishes have anything to do with the person possessing them. Fetishes are sexual arousal from things and objects that normally would not be considered normal. So begin with a fetish is not normal. No he probobly will not grow out of it he is just like that. You know you could always give him a footjob.
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