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Is Trypophobia a rare condition? IIN?
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I have trypophobia. The fear of holes creep me out. I thought my whole life I was the only one to have this until a girl in my class said she does as well. It's not just holes though. Certain patterns make me itch all over. I also have a fear of leaves. Especially wet ones. My friends say I have OCD but I think it's a much more rare phobia. I've not been diagonosed with Trypophobia but I'm certain I have it and it's been getting worse with age. No-one in my family has it. So what is it that caused it and how can I stop it?
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Can someone please help?
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If it becomes a severe problem then you should talk to your doctor about it. They may suggest a therapist.
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It's pretty common, I have it too.

I fucking hate any cluster or tiny holes or bugs, it's the only thing that makes my skin crawl.
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I used to sometimes have that as a young kid... If I put my finger through holes in things I'd imagine them closing up on me and quickly panic and remove it .. I never knew it had a name!
I grew out of it when logic overtook imagination, but I've never forgotten the feeling.
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Eeekk.. I just image searched trypophobia.. I can never eat crumpets again!
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Seek professional help.
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