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The last 5or 6days I've been hearing voices I never had this before''its turned into full conversations with them and I'm scared when they start I can't seem to control or turn it off''im 58years old not a good time for something like this to start,,last night I was convinced it was threatening I agent outside to confront them and when I realized it wasent real I was in shock ''
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You need to see your doctor ASAP: this is definitely not normal
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Brain tumor
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go to shrink asap!
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A week of hearing voices is not normal for sure.
Better get checked out.
Let us know what you find out.
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They could possibly be entities of good nature or evil entities (demons,devils,ghoul,shadowmen) portraying to be good
I suggest to don't see a doc it's a waste of time and money
If it feels forced and not controlled it's possibly something that's attached to maybe something negative in your life (health,relationships ect.)
I suggest to not focus on it too much because that's what gives entities power i.e. your undivided "Intention"
When you intent or give attention to these beings it's very easy to fall under a spell or a cast of some sort basically hypnotizing you to intent their intention
Just continuing living life normally unless anything physically happens and you should be good and stay in your intent focusing plays a big part in overcoming
Stay positive there is nothing to fear and stay healthy mentally and physically
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