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It is normal that I hate any type of affection?
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I feel uncomfortable and annoyed with people touching/complimenting/praising me. I hate any type of affection, I hate it when people think they know me and say that I have a connection with then, even as friends. I don't want to get married or have children. I don't mind people hating me, it is actually kind of a relief. I feed of negativity.
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Have you been hurt?...Do you wanna talk about it?
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That's... hard to say. I feel a certain percent of that because I have STPD. I'm not trying to diagnose you, but it may be something to look into. Talk to your doctor or a therapist/psychologist.

Perhaps whether it's normal or not is irrelevant; find out if you think you can live a happy life with the way you feel about this.
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Honestly, in my personal experience, this kind of problem evolves from physical and/or sexual abuse in childhood or indeed in later life. I am not saying you have experienced this but if you have, it might be worth considering that this is the problem and getting help to move past this might be the answer. it was for me. i am not saying that it will be easy but when you realise that physical touch no longer makes you uncomfortable but happy and secure, it will change your life.
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