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It usually takes me HOURS to fall asleep!
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I've read in an article that it usually takes 7 minutes for a human to fall alseep... But that's not my case! I often fall asleep after 2-4 hours! I've been like this since I was 9 years old, and it annoys me SO much!

But is it normal?
Anyone else who can't fall asleep at night?
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Welcome to the club brother. I should be asleep, too right now. I've been like this for some years. Music helps me fall asleep. Though can't do that much anymore because I can't have my music too loud. And my music isn't the lulaby kind. Rock 'N Roll!
Try drinkin' some sleppy time tea.
Or jerkin' off. XD
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I guess I have the same problem, sometimes It's easier for me to don't go to bed at all than try to fall asleep.

Reading doesn't work for me, when I do it I just read all night long.
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This used to happen to me when I was younger, after going to the doctor he gave me some really good tips. I hope one of these works for you.
Watch what you eat/drink(all the time not just before bed) don't consume a lot of sugar or caffein.
Don't do a lot of activities before bed. Your mind can become over stimulated(even watching tv/using the phone/computer could cause this).
Do not think about anything, clear your mind. If you have to think about something do not think about why you're not falling asleep or what time it is. Try to think of something soothing. Even though you're not really supposed to think about sleep, I often sleep after thinking about lying in my bed as a child or other happy memories. This causes you to feel satisfied and lets your mind rest.
Depending on your age/situation sexual activities might be best as most people fall asleep after.
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@Farmboy1975 Where did you get a phobia from? And whats prayer going to do? He needs to go see a doctor, and get himself sorted out.
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As long as I can remember this has happened to me. It got so bad I would go to bad that I would go to bed at 10 and fall asleep around 3.Music has helped
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Wow, how do you deal with that? That happens to me too but I hate it so much that I just stay up a lot later than I should. I guess it must be kind of normal.
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I know! I find it hard to believe that 7 minute thing. It can't be real. It's taken me hours since young as well. Well, I guess there have been exceptions, but most of the time, I certainly don't take 7 minutes to fall asleep.
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I fall asleep after about an hour, so I can sympathize
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I've had the same since I was very young try herbal natural medicine, there's this app that after a few nights you fall asleep in about 10 minutes it's called "deep sleep "by Andrew I forgot his last Name but I garantee it will help! good luck
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I guess it depends what you're doing before you sleep, if it's more peaceful and relaxing, then perhaps you might fall asleep faster. What are you doing before you try to sleep?

I get this too, but I think the reason being that I listen to too much music before I sleep, and it doesn't help that I love metal :P
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I have this too,I was fine untill like 2 months ago, but suddenly it takes me ages to fall asleep. I used to fall asleep in under 15 minutes, but now it takes me hours! It's so frustrating!!! I think i might go see a doctor about it soon... I've pretty much tried everything as well and It seriously SUCKS, because sometimes i have to go to school on 2 hours of sleep. Anyways, it isn't super commen, but it's not weird. I think im a little bit of an insomniac and you probably are too...but this happened to my sister as well and she was out of it in 3 years. So you might have a phase and then get out of it aswell. Good luck!! And i say that whole heartidly because i know how it feels :/
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Talk to your doctor! My wife takes forever to fall asleep. Her mind raced at night though. Also try a wind down period before bed that helps you relax. A bath, music, no TV or phone. See if that helps
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try to relax and not think about going to sleep
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At night I'm restless & during the day I'm
Typically tired even if I sleep thru the night.
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it takes me about an hour or two to fall asleep.And i'm pretty young.It's starting to effect my grades.PLLLZ tell me what to do!
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You could have insomnia, but here is what may be the case:

*You are thinking about things that might be stressful

*You are worried

*You are trying to sleep earlier than when you usually sleep (happens to me all the time)

*You are thinking-"When will I fall asleep?"

*You are distracted with electronics

PS: If I try to sleep before ten o'clock, it'll usually take me 2 hours to fall asleep

But yes, overall, this is Totally~Normal (Get it?) (^.^)
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Have you ever tried reading before going to sleep? I find it helps me a lot.
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You have a phobia, either prayer or counseling will help you with it. Don't panic, your not over weird!
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It's called insomnia. It is normal and fine. But you can prevent it by doing more activity in the day.
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