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It won't fit
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So me and my boyfriend have tried having sex about 4 times now but it just won't go in :( is something wrong with me? Idk what to do, am I too tiny to ever have sex?? Did this happen to anyone else?
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try some lub
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Agreed with the above. Head over to Walmart and get some KY Jelly.
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I would suggest you to try astorglide cheaper and I think better
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Try lubrication. If it's still hard to get in maybe you have a hymen that only leaves a very small opening which needs to be broken or stretched out.
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ya lube up! your vagina can stretch to fit a baby's head so his doodle should fit no troubles. is he fully hard though? because it can be difficult if he isnt hard enough.
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His dick needs to b fully hard or not even all the lube in the world won't help u.
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It could be a problem with you, him, or both of you.

Are you wet down there beforehand? If not, try more foreplay to get you in the mood, the natural lubrication will help the penis slide in.

Is he fully or close to fully erect when trying to enter you? If he's too flaccid, it may be making it difficult to push in. Try transitioning straight from foreplay making sure he is erect, or have him masturbate as he pushes it in to maintain the erection. If he's going soft because he's nervous, you should seek to make him more comfortable with sexual activity and less self conscious about performance. Reassure him and boost his self esteem.

Is your vagina unusually tight? For some women, their vagina opening is smaller and tighter than the usual, meaning it can make penetration difficult / painful. If this is the case, try having penetrative foreplay (fingers) that will ease you up a bit and make it easier when it comes to sex. Alternatively, see your doctor as some will give you specific instruments (cones or similar) to help artificially and gradually improve the vagina's ability to stretch without discomfort.

Good luck :)
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Are u a virgin?
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