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I've masterbated with my best friend's sister.
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I moved in with my friend and his mother and sister b/c I needed a place to stay and his mother needed some help with the bills.
I've masturbated in front of my best friend's sister before. I usually pretend that I don't see her. I am 20 and she is 16 going on 17. We dont touch one another!!!! Since I started letting her walk in on me changing a few times. Or let her think she is spying on me by leaving the blinds up or leaving my door cracked just a little bit. Some times I wear very loss and revealing boxers so I can catch her looking. I have accidentally walked in on her changing or masturbating since all of this started. I feel bad b/c this stuff only happens when her brother and mother are not at home, sometimes late at night too. Sometimes we start to wrestle and I get a boner and have to stop and try to hide it. She very blatantly makes her lower region rub on my groeing.Is this normal. I get such a huge thrill out of all of this. I really dont know what to do about this???????
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I have one question, how long did it take for you to get that close to her?
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Sexy! Are you hot? Ad me on fb!
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Just imagine how bad you'd feel if they WERE home and caught you!
Just be sure to wait until she's 18 before you try anything else.
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oh really is that all you have? its fine, as long as she is able to have a baby
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just let her think you like her without going overboard. keep activitys of sexual appeal at a minimal
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Stay away from JailBait!
Wait until she's 18 or risk going to Jail!
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Dude, you really need to seek counseling. This is the shit that will get you time. Ever heard "15 will get you 20" ????? Duh! At least wait on "wrestling" until she is of age.
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@: lilears
how wrong, he said she is 16, she can as long as theres consent, but there shouldnt be like back in the oldern days
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