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I've slept with my niece ! is it normal
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I'm male 19 years old and she's 15 , we love each other so much and she can't sleep without kissing me she have slept with me 3 times but we didn't had sex we did everything in bed without having sex she was ok but i was so scared to do it because she's virgin

and i feel very weird and i have bad feeling about it but the weird thing she's ok she loves me and she doesn't want to break this bad relationship
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Fifteen is not twelve though and she is old enough to know what she wants. Just keep it casual until she is over nineteen. If at that time you two still feel the same way, by all means stay together. However, what you are doing is illegal so maybe keep it low for a long time.
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You know, I think I have more of a problem with the fact that she's fifteen and you're nineteen than the fact that she's related to you... I would feel like a pedophile if I were you.

Also, in regaurds to your comment:

"she's ok she loves me and she doesn't want to break this bad relationship"

Well, YOU'RE the older, more responsible one. Just because she doesn't want to break it off doesn't mean you have to give in. YOU need to break it off, because you said yourself you had bad feelings about it.

I honestly have no problem with incest (shocking, I know, but I'm way open minded) but when it involves children... NO. She's only fifteen, she cannot legally consent to anything. That means it really needs to stop before something 'bad' does happen.

... and that may or may not involve prison time for you.
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Don't have sex with her, and if she still loves you when she turns 18, then it's all good.
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shes to young plus your related
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They might not actually be blood related. But if you're 19 and she's 15... That could result in some complications.
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It does sound complicated. I think you should find a way to put some distance between the two of you, if you are uncomfortable with the relationship. Go in the army or something. Take a job in another state.
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you dont even sound 19 wich worries me
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